Turist. mapa jadranských zemí AdriaTOPO microSD/SD

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This TOPO product is perfect for recreational and outdoor activities in any of these eight South-East European countries. It provides digital topographic
maps showing hiking trails, roads, mountains, woodlands and includes a digital elevation model with mountain shading and more than 300,000 searchable
points of interest (POIs), as well as the complete road network with street names and addressing.
Feature summary of AdriaTOPO XL:
„ Provides digital topographic maps for eight South-East European countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, FYR
Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania
„ Displays more than 300,000 searchable POIs such as hotels, summits, mountain lodges, restaurants, petrol stations and more
„ Contains full coverage of road and street networks, more than 360,000 km (224,000 mi)
„ Shows Digital Elevation Model (DEM) to help you create vertical terrain profiles
„ Supplied on microSD/SD card

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